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Do you ship to other countries?

Yes we ship worldwide, certain countries exempted. Please contact us to know more about the shipping method and rates for your country.

Is the International shipping cost per item or per package?

Jskgems charges only one International shipping fee per package, not per item.

You may have as many items as you wish and pay only one flat rate shipping fee.

If you placed multiple orders and wish to combine them, please contact us right away. As long as they have not been shipped, we are happy to offer free combining of orders.

Shipping is Free all over India.

Will there be additional custom duties or import taxes when we receive our shipment?

Most probably there will be an additional custom duties, when the item is arrived at the destination country. Please contact us for more details.

Who pays for duty and customs taxes?

The buyer pays for all customs duty/taxes/VAT/clearing charges. We have no control over customs and it is the responsibility of the buyer to determine the amount of duty/tax/clearing charges.

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How one can be sure that the gemstones are authentic?

All the gemstones are thoroughly checked by our experienced gemologist, Hence you can be rest assured about the authenticity of the same. We also provide gemstone certificate with most of the gemstones. Please kindly Contact Us if you require any help.

Do you have a buy back policy?

No, we do not have any buy back policy, we never buy or sell used gemstones. So be sure about the stone is fresh to use.

Do you use Sample photo to display products?

All gemstone images are of the actual item. We do not use stocked imagery. All gemstones are photographed in a specially designed setup utilizing the latest in lighting and digital camera techniques.

What factors decide the price of gemstone? I see same stone types but differences in the prices? Why?

There are many factors which determines the prices of a gemstone, like Color,Clarity,Cut,Mines of the gemstone ,Treatment (if any).Contact Us if you have any query.

Do you provide gemstone certificate?

Yes, You will find that in many of our gemstones certificate is included, You can view the certificates copy when you visit the detail pages for the relevant gems. Contact Us if you have any query.

What is gemstone certification and its importance?

Please click here for more information.( Gemstone Certification)

You don't seem to have exactly what I want - Do you have inventory that is not listed on the website?

Yes, we have a tremendous amount of inventory not listed. If have a specific, hard to find request, we can most have it or can likely locate it for you.

Why you have only 1 quantity of a gemstone?

Every gemstone is unique, so you can only order 1 of each item, however, we often have similar or matching items.

Please contact us with your requirement.

What if I have any questions regarding any of the above or something else related to jskgems.com

Please contact our customer support team with any queries and we will reply at the earliest possible opportunity. Please take into consideration any time differences between your location and India.

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Do you have a physical store?

Yes, We have a shop at Surat,Gujarat(India)

You are most welcome to visit our store anytime. (Shop address)

How long it takes to ship the orders?

We generally ship within 1-2 business days of receiving payment. We try our level best to ship the order(s) at the earliest. Once the item is shipped all the relevant details/tracking information will be provided to the buyer.

What are the payment method available?

We accept payment via RozarPay for domestic transaction, PayPal for international transaction. You can also make a Wire Transfer in our Bank Account. Please contact us for any query related to payment methods.

Can I call if I have a question or issue?

Yes of course! Please feel free to call us or WhatsApp on
+91 9376616454
+91 9825951958

Email at info@www.jskgems.com

Do you have a return or refund policy?

Yes,We have a 10 Days return policy. Please check RETURN Policy for all details

What charges are not refundable?

Shipping Charges, Payment gateway Charges(if applicable)  are not refundable.

Is GST is includes in the item price?

Yes, GST is included in the item price.

Please note: Customs duty/taxes for other countries is not included in the item price.

Is there any shipping charges?

Shipping is FREE all over India, However there is a shipping charges for other countries. Please contact us to know more about the shipping method and rates for your country.



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